It’s august here 
I miss you
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by Agu Lepkie
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Anonymous said: hi grace! I am absolutely in love with your photography! do you have any tips for beginners? like how do you practice? I'm kinda awkward in front of the camera bc I don't know what poses to do (and sorts like that) how do you come up with poses? thanks lovee youuuuu

Just look around for inspiration, and do just that-practice! Let your creativity go girl, you got it

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Anonymous said: where do you get your beautiful flower crowns? or how do you make them?

Unique ones can be found easily on etsy!

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Anonymous said: hi!! i also have a 50mm f/1.4, but i never manage to get the amazing bokeh like you do. any tips? especially like the one in the photo of you standing in the forest with the caption "need"!!

Make sure your aperture is set at 1.4, and a tip would be the closer your camera is to the subject (and farther away from the trees/sun creating bokeh in this instance) the bigger the bokeh will be. It gets smaller the further you are away from the subject

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ii-dd-kk said: Do you know the difference between a 50 mm 1.8 and 1.4? I know you use a 1.4, and I was just curious that pros and cons to it!

Basically the feel of the lens, the 1.8 is more plastic-y and the focus ring on the 1.8 is thinner than the 1.4. also of course variance in the DOF!

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Anonymous said: grace, you have such a gift! your talent is beyond words. are you a real model, like professionally?

Thank you so much! I am signed with an agency but it’s not really my thing, I like being behind the camera better than in front of it ya feel

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james2241 said: Hi nice to meet u ❤❤❤❤ how are u?!

hi James! good to hear from you!

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flvtter said: Hello, you're beautiful! <3

Hi you’re too sweet

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whispersofrain said: I just got a canon rebel t3i and it's my first dslr. Is there any tips you could give for it? I tried to take some self portraits with the self timer but it would not focus, does the problem stop after a while? Is it the lens? I adore you and your photos and I would really be so happy to have your opinion. Thanks grace!

If you’re taking self portraits with self timer, make sure you focus on something in place of where you would/will be. Then just run in to that place! It shouldn’t be the lens, just the depth of focus

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Anonymous said: What kind of camera do you use?

canon rebel t3i

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jerizzle said: Grace!! i absoulutley LOVE your photography! im sure everyone is dying to know, but where are thoes onepiece suits from in one of your most recent instagrams?!! after searching the internet for 30mins i decided just to ask :)

Haha I actually found them at TJ maxx!

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alolamaui said: Hey! I really love your instagram. Your pictures inspire me so much. You have such creative ideas. They're so original. You probably get that alot. Love you!

Wow, thank you SO much. ❤️

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